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BEELYS Sdn Bhd started as a family business in 2017, with an aim to provide modern, chic and quality clothing for children.The team did their product research locally and international, having their own kids as model and set their presence into the retail market recently. Apart from our own brand, we also house several brands that carry variety of items from baby gift set to playful and versatile children clothing.


Add value to your clothing needs with trendy fashion of superior quality at affordable price. 


To build a fashion power house for distribution of children clothing retail and wholesale in the region of South East Asia.




Beelys shop has a special atmosphere, very cozy and calm. There are three different styles: newly-born, baby and junior. 

All the spaces are perfectly organized, in such a way that they allow customers to see the offers that are present in each season. The textures, the furnishings, the lighting... everything is taken care of in the greatest detail to obtain an attractive presentation of the product. 

The classic updated atmosphere and the fresh sweet image of the interiors is also reflected in the always elegant shop windows. All of this, makes every Beelys shop a wonderful box of surprises that captivates so both adults and children. 

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